John Fort was born in London and has lived in Rome for thirty-seven years.
In 2001 he received the commission to update and completely recast Georgina Masson's classic guide, The Companion Guide to Rome, originally published in 1964 and in print ever since. His new version of the book came out in October 2003 to considerable acclaim, with a new and further updated version published in November 2009. He now works showing individuals and small groups around Rome, on itineraries adapted specifically for each client. These may consist of seeing the city’s well-known monuments and buildings, or going off the beaten track, or whatever may be of interest to the client. 

Walks in Rome
These are planned according to the client’s wishes, and could be the well-known sights and monuments of the city, Colosseum, St Peter’s, Sistine Chapel and so on for first-time visitors, or slightly off the beaten track for those who already know the city, including catacombs, Christian mosaics, fountains, panoramas of the city, or one of the specialized walks below, or a mixture of all of these.

Excursions in the vicinity of Rome

The countryside and towns outside Rome offer a whole range of Etruscan and Roman sites and buildings, Renaissance villas, monasteries and sanctuaries going back to the earliest centuries of Christianity, and fine gardens, as well as exceptionally beautiful scenery.